You got a friend

Thanks to the wonders of my grandparents, I’ve already told you all that I own the THQ complete pack. One of the big things for me was Dawn of War 2, which I didn’t already own. However, my brother did own it, but because it was a Steam game, I had no idea how good the game actually was. Lucky for us, we can now play it together. I say lucky for us, I mean lucky for me. I don’t know how far he actually got with it, but he was a damn sight further on than I was. After the fun and joy of getting it working (I started the download at half one and we only started playing about half nine, thanks to various errors, like Steam telling me it was updated when it actually wasn’t. Grrr), he and I started having a play of the campaign together. We’ve played through the first 4 levels or so, and I’m now conflicted about how good an idea it was.

First off, Co-Op play is something that me and my brother usually do whenever we both own a game. We’ll both join the same team or whatever. Doing so allows us both to ease ourselves into the game, or we can have fun throwing 30 million bots against ourselves, and getting slaughtered. We don’t usually play against each other because it leads to arguments (Mainly because I win), and we’ve kind of got used to each others playing style. I like Co-Op, especially if it ends up with everyone getting terrified and working together.

However, there are some inherent issues with playing a Co-Op game, especially when one player is a beginner. From my experiences from playing through, I can speak from the beginner’s side of things. I haven’t played the game before, and I want to see everything. The intro movies, the mission briefings, all sorts. The more experienced players have already seen this, and might not really want to have to see it again. A friend of mine came to Left 4 Dead quite late, and thus if she tried to play and read all the little writings on the walls in the safe houses she usually got left behind (Hurr, Left 2 Die. Kill me), because as far as everyone else was concerned it wasn’t anything special.

There’s also the issue of loot. Dear God, already my brother managed to screw me over. I have no idea how, but his heroes are much more powerful than mine. He’s managed to get all the loot, because I’m not as certain about what to click. Of course, while I try to sort everything out, he’s shouting in the chat to hurry up and start the next mission. That is the quick and easy way of killing the fun out of a game. I know I don’t deserve everything but I’d still quite like to see my hero with some powerful equipment, instead of just watching him destroy everything.

I haven’t played for long enough to be able to tell you whether it makes the game better or not, but I’d argue it’s worth a try if you haven’t. Having a more experienced player does make the levels easier, but whether it makes it better is yet to be seen.

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