Package Delivered

Although it is nowhere near Christmas, my present from my grandparent arrived last night. This present arrived in the form of an email and I now know what the present is. This isn’t an issue, since I asked for it. This was the THQ pack on Steam (Available here for the nice price of £51.99). One might wonder why I decided to talk about a christmas present, but bear with me here. Look at the price of the actual product, and look at the cost of buying everything individually. By buying that pack I saved about £150. It makes me wonder why I didn’t do it earlier.

From just a quick glance in the Steam store, there are only two Publisher complete packs. These are the Valve Pack and the THQ pack (I could’ve sworn there was another one but I can’t seem to find now)  Both of them are available for the same price, and both offer similar savings (The Valve one offering more since they have all of their games available on Steam). However this does seem to be the best way to get people to buy your games. Of the THQ pack, I quite liked the look of Red Faction (All three, since I have fond memories of it. Even though I’m well aware it doesn’t deliver on its promises), Dawn of War 2 (Since I want to beat my brother at it) and Saints Row (Which looks like a fun version of GTA). I could justify spending that £52 because I knew that I was going to play 3 games (Or 5, depending on how you look at it). If we take the typical price of a game at £30, then 3 games for £52 isn’t bad. Seeing as I’m getting 18 for that price, it seems stupid not to*.

I wonder why it is that publishers don’t do this more often. If I hadn’t already bought the Orange Box and Left 4 Dead, then I’d be after the Valve pack for sure. The complete packs on Steam are the perfect ways to fill out your gaming collection, and if they happen to be good, well it’s completly worth your while to go and buy the sequels and support the publisher/developer. I know of some people who bought the original STALKER twice first the original version, then the collector’s edition (That actually includes me now, though in the other order).

Last time I talked about publishers/developers, I said they probably don’t want people to see who they truely are. Well, if you plan on hiding your nature of being an evil bunch of warlocks, then give away your games. Sod the idea of demos, the person who suggested that didn’t know what he was talking about. Start releasing every game that you published as one big package and save people money. If you’re worried about losing money, do it in small steps. Every iteration of the Sims starts getting ‘Deluxe’ editions, which is just fancy pants for getting the original game and a few of the expansions. I personally wouldn’t dare to buy every one of the Sims on its own. Especially as that would be so much money that I don’t want to spend. However, in buying a pack that costs just a bit more than a usual game, I got a chance to expand my Sims lifestyle. Ouch, that pun hurts.

As I say, making these small steps allows your consumer base (Us noble gamers) to see what you’re truely made of. I didn’t own any of the Hitman games a few weeks ago. Then Hitman: Ultimate Contract was released. Not only was it 4 games for the price of one, it was a budget release. I’d have to be a fool to pass that up. Now I know I like the style of games, I can tell you that the next Hitman release (There’d better be one) will be eagerly awaited and bought as soon as possible. If it turns out that the THQ pack contains games that I really love, then who’s to say I won’t buy other games by them?

There’s another interesting prospect with compliation packages as well. When the Orange Box was released, an unknown game was included in that pack, and gave the chance for everyone to play something they hadn’t seen before. Everyone loved it. That game was Portal. Surely somewhere in the developer packs, there must be similar stories. I’m interested in the prosect of playing Titan Quest thanks to this pack. I wouldn’t have bought it on its own, but seeing as its buffered by these other games I feel like I’ll try it. Who knows what other gems I might find? Give people the chance to play your games, even the unknown ones, by giving us this buffer.

Of course, you can also get the reverse as well. I bought Defcon because it came with a free copy of Uplink. Perfectly sensible one might assume, especially as Uplink is very hard to find in the . Thus, I played a game that I knew I liked and knew was a great game, and supported Introversion by buying their latest release. Turns out Defcon is actually quite good fun for when you don’t want to hack people’s bank accounts. Or you can go the route of universe collision and kill the FBI agents that just caught you via Nuclear Warfare in Defcon.

I think that these compliation are the saving graces of the gaming world. They allow people to get more for the same price, and should help people support you further. Don’t complain and say the gaming world has been destroyed by piracy. For once, stand up and help these communities that you want to see playing (And paying) for your games.

* Add in that 2 weeks ago it was 50% off everything in the Steam store, I’d be getting 18 games for £26. Oh, and everyone knows that the amount of Steam Games you own is directly proportional to the size of your penis. Return

  1. We tried Juiced 2 from that pack. It’s just… *sigh*

    • It was just *sigh*…it wasn’t even bad enough to be amusing, just plain awful.

      The thing that gets me with these packs is that I can’t gift the copies I already have to friends, which is annoying to say the least. For HL2 they stacked them, but every other game that I ended up with a second copy from some deal just vamooishes.

      • Aye, it told me that I had the Soulstorm activated anyway. Which I do, but I like the idea of taking my necrons and ramming them up my brothers arse in LAN.

        I’m also intruiged by Juiced. It looks to me like a cheap ripoff of Burnout. Thats always entertaining for a cynic like me. I can say ‘Burnout did it better than you’ and watch it cry.

        But still, if you don’t own any of the games, or are interested in the games, packs are the way to go about it. I can’t wait to be shouting at GFWL while trying to play Dawn of War 2 come Christmas 😀

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