Red Tide

Although I’ve been waiting for Craig to finally play through the later Hitman Blood Money missions, I’ve still been working through them, and last week finished them. I’ve discovered that I have two ways of playing through any mission, with the latter evolving from when I fail the first method quite badly. It’s an interesting experience to look back on a game like Hitman and see what stupid mistakes you made (Probably why Craig did it actually…), and one that I hope to repeat later on in my gaming career.

One of the things that you definitely notice is how you play. Those of you who know Hitman know that the game revolves around assassinating someone (Those who don’t, I’d like to know how you’ve avoided one of the big stealth games of the past decade). So, typically, you’ll have a wander around the map, discover what fun hiding spots there are and what the patrols used by the guards are. It sounds boring written out like that, but you never understand until you actually play it how much you enjoy watching everyone and quickly knocking someone out to steal their clothes. There is no better thrill than killing each target and getting away without anyone seeing you. However, once you get caught…

If you’ve played it, you’ll know how bloody annoying it is to get to the guy you’re supposed to be killing and then find out that the body of that guard hasn’t been hidden very well. Then everyone starts to shoot at you. It’s less fun than the other way. Until you realise you brought dual pistols for a reason. Then it’s an interesting experience. Surprisingly, it’s a much easier way of playing. I mean, instead of taking the stealth items, take your Assault Rifle and just kill everyone. Who cares that they’re innocent. They can identify you.

I always feel a twinge of guilt as well when I finish playing through a la Arnold Schwarzenegger. Blood Money has a newspaper article feature, which creates a newspaper article about the murder you’ve just commited, complete with statistics and a little information on that guy that existed before a Silverballer went to his head and made it explode. If you look and think that seeing the headline ‘Mass Murderer kills 247’, then reading through the whole article and seeing that I killed an awful lot of people I should’ve just left alone, I have to worry that I’m a psycopath.

But still, its a fun way to play, causing a tide of blood throughout a mansion. If you want to play the whole game, then play it like that. You’ll actually get to see the ending. It’s more likely that you’ll die, but you’ll complete the game quicker. Do it the other way when replaying though. It is much more enjoyable once you get your head round it.

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