Again again!

This week I was forced to tidy out my room on pain of death. It was a painful experience, and as such I wish to never do it again. But I discovered my copy of Warcraft 3 during this tidy, and you know what, I wished to play it again. Of course, thanks to my inordinatly busy schedule (What? Team Fortress isn’t going to play itself!) I haven’t got round to installing it. However, I just wondered how many games are just left to be found years later when forced to do something that they wished they didn’t have to do (Bitterness is something I would never admit to). I can’t help but wonder what happens to finished games. There are several games that I forgot I actually had. Warcraft isn’t the only one. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is on that list. Evidently I haven’t forgotten about it, but still.

I found it a fun game to play until it started getting hard. Like a lot of people. I hope.

Now if we take the fact that I paid about £30 for that game that I haven’t played in the past 4 years, you can understand why I mention it. I might have got my moneys worth out of it (I think) but I feel bad that I haven’t played it for so long. If I buy a game, unless it sucks, shouldn’t I continue to play it? Team Fortress I’m still playing, even though it’s over a year old. Whether thats because of good work on the side of Valve is a different matter, but I digress. The issue is that I’ve still spent money on these games and I don’t play them anymore. I think it unlikely that I will play them again. Yet I haven’t killed the industry (Sorry, traded it in), so evidently I was still playing it on my last round of trade in the game. I also haven’t traded in any games for a long long time but thats by the by.

So why is it that I’ve stopped playing these games? Have I got bored of them? It’s unlikely if I’ve not traded it in. I evidently found it an intriguing experience, but I’ve just left it in a corner to rust and garner dust. Just looking at my game shelf, I can see 16 games I don’t play anymore, including Fallout 3, Warcraft 3, Battlefield (All 3 types) and more, and that just counts PC games that I own which are boxed. I have a large number of PS2, Wii and DS games that I don’t touch anymore. So my number of games that I don’t play but have bought is probably somewhere in the region of 50 games. If not more. I currently have lost time to game at the moment because of college work, but this decline has been in action for most of my gaming life. I used to get very excited about the last game I’d bought, but now I just ignore that pinnacle of creation. Has it been totally worth it? How many games are in your cupboard?

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