How To: Legally Game

Today marks the last time I shall be writing as a meager 17 year old. Monday’s blog post may be delayed, since I have a feeling alcohol will be a part of Sunday. In fact, I can almost guarentee that I shall recieve alcohol in some way. So, unless I write this in the upcoming days, don’t bother appearing. There is a reason I’m stating that I shall become an adult in the next few days. This marks a momentus occasion for me. Now I can walk into HMV and actually buy any game that I want[1]. Well, I will be able to. You get the idea. I believe that the BBFC have made the right decision in censorship, and I’m not begrudging them. But its an interesting case in point. During life, we will always act according to the rules and regulations of society, and how we judge the situation according to our morals. Once we get in game however…

Those Daily Mail types comment so often on why video games are creating the next generation of mass murderers [2] and we all know how well Jack Thompson’s tireless crusade against our hobby went (Now is not the time for Jack Thompson Disbarred Jokes. That comes later). However, they don’t understand the nuances of our hobby. They just assume that these games our ways for us to act out our secret desires, and to practice them for the real world. Because, as eveyone knows, games are exactly like real life. The problem with scaremongering is that you have to pick the worse possible games. They chose GTA, Manhunt (And they could chose Prototype now) as their villians for these pieces, not understanding the people who these games are designed for.

This is one sight that I never want to see in game. I dont want to know what happens next. Those are images not for my eyes

This is one sight that I never want to see in game. I don't want to know what happens next. Those are images not for my eyes

Which brings me to my point. We have to fight back against this. Not by childish insults. That won’t do anything to regain our images as human beings. We need to change the way we play. No longer should we be thinking ‘I need money, lets go perform an armed heist at the bank’, no longer should we think ‘That person should die’. We should think about what we actually do. If I was driving down the road and I hit a pedestrian because I fail at keeping control of my car in that great city game GTA, thenI shouldn’t just trundle off, not thinking of it. I should stop and thnk. That person could’ve have a family. That person could’ve lived a long a fruitful life. Yes, its like we become obssessive goths, but its true. We should think of the consequences of our actions.

This is something where we should get out and look at what weve done. Thats what a real life person would do. Lets pretend it is real. Thats what the Daily Mail think anyway

This is something where we should get out and look at what we've done. Thats what a real life person would do. Lets pretend it is real. Thats what the Daily Mail think anyway

There is only one flaw with this idea. We do these acts as a release of tension. This is exactly why the Dwarven Mine symbols in Terry Pratchet’s Diskworld series existed[3] . In one of the Simpson’s episodes, Ned Flanders has a dream where he shoots a large group of people imagining them to be Homer, to release the stress and anxiety that he has towards Homer. I myself have spent many a time on Vice City just shooting at things to make the day seem better. But still, we should make a stand. Just because the Daily Mail say it is, it doesn’t mean that its true. In fact, it nearly automatically makes it untrue.

[1]Those of you who will now state that parents bought games for you should be aware of how lucky I think you are. I’d have killed for that. No matter how subtly I dropped the hints, or how much I made it clear, I didn’t even get to touch the box. I still played them. The joys of a debit card… Get back to reading
[2]Us gamers know what complete and utter bullshit that is. These violent games do nothing to make a mass murderer a mass murderer. Of the several million gamers in the world, how many do you know of that went on to live normal, happy lives? 99%? Our brains aren’t as stupid as they make out. These games affect us strongest when our minds are developing. Once you get to the stage where you’re 19, then you’re essentially free from the clutches of crazyness. These games will affect you strongest when you’re about 5-9, and if you’re playing San Andreas, then your parents should be held accountable. The violent games should be out of your reach until you hit secondary school in my honest opinion. You need maturity to deal with it, and a Primary school kid won’t have that. If someone had given me a copy of Manhunt at that age, then my mind would probably have been fucked over. Christ, I’m sounding like a psycologist. But what really annoys me is the excuse given during the Byron report by many parents ‘The game ratings are too difficult to understand’. There’s a big number on it people, and if that number is more than the childs current age, then DON’T FUCKING BUY IT FOR THEM. Jesus, even if those big things are difficult to understand, read the back of the box, ask a fucking store clerk or just say no. Its not hard to tell your son ‘No, that game isn’t for you yet. Maybe next year’ is it? Ouch, long appendix. Sorry. Get back to reading
[3]For those who haven’t read the books (And you should), in the mines, everyone got on with their jobs, staying somber and keen on doing the best for the whole community. In the dark of the mines, however, anyone’s problem quickly became everyone’s problem, with any stress leaping like wildfire. Little mine symbols were the dwarven way of releasing this tension without causing too many problems. Get back to reading

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