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I’m going for something a little different today. I don’t really know how much people actually care about what I’m currently playing, but today I finally finished Prototype, and I continued playing the game that has been in my mind for the past 4 months. Its all my girlfriends fault. She got me back into 42 All Time Classics. This would be that DS game which contains (Suprisingly) 42 games. I could attempt to go through the whole thing and talk about it. But that would be sily. And time consuming.

Its quite childlike this design. I never noticed that before.

Its quite childlike this design. I never noticed that before.

Now, the one game that has been dominating my mind, and absolutly everything that I do, is Solitaire. Dear god, I can’t stop playing. I don’t know why, but I have to play at least 5 winnable games (More on this later. It gets mathematical!) before I go to sleep. I won’t play more than 10 games since I need the sleep[1] but I have to play Solitaire. Now, I don’t see myself as a gaming addict (Yet), but this worrys me greaty. I would quite like to have a proper nights sleep without playing…

Anyway, as I said, this game has been dominating my mind. The problem I have with this is that its got to the point where I daydream about it, and when people speak to me, I think about Solitaire randomly. It doesn’t help that my mind gets easily distracted as it is. So any comments about cards automatically fly over to Solitaire. On bad days, I can see the game board in my head with my eyes open, and with my eyes closed, all there is is Solitaire[2]

Yes Solitaire. Whatever you say. Kill that man? Okay. Just dont give me another unwinnable game. Just let me leave!

Yes Solitaire. Whatever you say. Kill that man? Okay. Just don't give me another unwinnable game. Just let me leave!

Now, its amazing how much I can write about Solitaire. I don’t know why, but I think its actually because its a very interesting game. Its both simple, and easily accessible. If you’re reading this, you could easily play Solitaire online (For example, here), or if you use that strange OS that nobodys heard of called Windows, you will have it easily avaiable. The other reason is that its a game of chance, but there are a few systems that I use, which tends to allow me to win. As stated in the comments, I usually average a ratio of wins to games 5:7, so they usually work[3] and if you wish to learn more, then mention it in the comments and I’ll follow up to this. When people complain about Maths and Programming, and how hard they are, I now think about how they play Solitaire. I haven’t observed enough people playing it (I have some sort of life), I noticed that most people automatically play a move straight from the trash (Top left corner of the image for you non-Solitaire players), instead of playing moves from the tableau, to access those cards first. Different players, different styles. God knows.

I notice that I’m now drawing upon the very last dredges of the great game of Solitaire. So this week, don’t play that new release. Play Solitaire. It made me who I am today, and if that isn’t a reason to avoid it like the plague, then I don’t know what is.

[1]Currently, I’m averaging at about 7 games per night. Hmm, you must think I’m crazy. Said girlfriend is convinced that I have OCD. I disbelieve this, since my office (Read: Room) is a tip. I just like my routine. I’m worse about eating chocolate bars and stuff. Why are you reading about my OCD habits? Get back to reading!
[2]The only other game that caused this was Puzzle Quest. Dear God. That was annoying. People didn’t realise I was being serious. Never play these games. Just don’t. Get back to reading
[3]Before you start mentioning that these algorithms should always work, they don’t, because a)They aren’t perfect, b)Not every Solitare game is winnable (For more information, and the mathematics behind that, click here) and c)Fuck you. Get back to reading

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