How To: Nothing to See Here

For once, I’m not going to start with a long paragraph about whats happening in my life. But I shall begin with an image. This one:

Sadly, this is less to what the point of this blog post is. This sort of image is one that you might easily see in this game[1]. However, I believe that this image tells you enough about how people should play more often. I wonder why people obsess about having fun by destroying several people’s lives, when a much simpler (And quicker) way of having fun is easily attainable[2].

As stated before, I like to walk and avoid public transport. Now, I have brought this up for a different reason. I have recently been playing Prototype. I not only enjoy tearing people apart, but I quite enjoy running around the city, and just climbing up the skyscrapers. Then I get to see the whole city. Its points like this where I realise how pretty the city is. And why I understand the great graphics race. I feel these sorts of things should happen more often. Something which has always stuck with me from listening to the PCGAMER podcast has been when Ross Atherton was talking about playing LOTRO, and saying how on so many occasions he just stopped and said ‘WOW! The view!’.

This is my current suggestion. I believe that people get bored of walking around too much. Stop it. Really. Stop it now. Just because you’ve got that nice ability of yours to teleport to the other side of the game world, it doesn’t mean you should use it. Games are supposed to be about immersion. Immerse yourself properly then. You want to go to the great city of Theed? Then walk like everyone else. Don’t always follow the path either. You will find so much. I loved playing Oblivion. What made it much more appealing was just walking out into the forest and finding a skeletal horde which then proceded to beat the shit out of me.

I didn’t mind however. Nothing was better in my books than seeing that ruined tower that hadn’t been marked on my map. I did use the quick travel, but it was gamebreaking in a strange way. Immersion is the pivital point of any game, and anything that breaks that immersion, be it bad game design, voice acting or stupidity, shouldn’t exist in that game. The only reason that I would ever agree to the graphics race would be because of these wonderous views[3].

I’m well aware that I complained about the graphics race about 3 weeks ago, but I still believe these views are worth playing for. The artists have spent hours on the scenery, and who’s to say you shouldn’t discover them? Stop using that stupid teleport ability of yours. Walk like a normal human being, and discover this world thats been created for you.

[1]Point given if you know the game. I don’t think its that hard but then again, I found the image. Get back to reading
[2]If you do not have a very powerful computer, or hate hypocriscy in your reading material, I have a little link for you instead. Ignore the rest of the blog post and go to here. Get back to reading
[3]As an aside, Oblivion was quite cut and paste. The reason I’m banging on about it so much is because it really gave the appearence of a true country for someone to walk through and see what those designers had made. Get back to reading

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