Dual Screens and Toilets

For those of you who care about my personal life, my hair was cut this week. Sitting on those rather comfortable seats while waiting for Mr Barber to finish his customer lead to the drafting of this post. Which was helpful. I spoke on the last How To about realism in games. However, there are some times when we really don’t want realism. There are some times we just want to play solitaire and have done with it. Its times like being stuck at a greek hairdresser’s that you realise that that DS that you bought was a damn good idea. I’m not going to be silly here and attempt a review of the DS. I’d need to research it properly, and I’m feeling quite lazy this week. But still, I think its important to note what it is for.

Why did I choose an original DS image? Mainly because I dislike the DSi and DS Lite. Why cant they spell Light right anyway?

Why did I choose an original DS image? Mainly because I dislike the DSi and DS Lite. Why can't they spell Light right anyway?

Several people (mainly the absolute PC fanatics) complain how these consoles have such horrible graphics[1]The console fanatics then attack with complaints about the complexity and intial price of PCs, and then (Once they realise that its true) round on the Nintendo outings, the Wii and the DS. Again, they are right. The DS and Wii look absolutly horrible compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360[2] but Nintendo weren’t designing them to do that. Nintendo didn’t want their machine to have amazing graphics.They designed these machines to have innovation.

The DS has one of the few gaming gimmicks I can think of that actually works, unlike all those silly attempts to get rid of mice, or things like driving pedals[3].When the DS came out, touch screens weren’t particularly new. But they were posh. Not everyone had seen one that wasn’t in a big commercial environment, like a tourist centre. The iPhone, which we may take for granted now, didn’t exist. The DS was the first commercial device that used the touch screen. It worked beautifully. I’ve now owned my DS for 4-5 years and I’m only now starting to have problems with it, and thats probably down to the fact that I was a twit and dropped it several times. In fact, its a testament to how well designed it is that it works now at all. The touch screen is also perfect for the people the DS was designed for. I’ll mention who they are in a second. For now, the Wii.

I quite like the look of the Wii, even though its all white. I personnally prefer black.

I quite like the look of the Wii, even though its all white. I personnally prefer black.

The Wii had another gaming gimmick. Sadly, it wasn’t particularly new, but it brought it into the mainstream much better than the light gun ever could. Pretty much every Wii game will use the motion detector in some way[4], and it tends to work beautifully (no matter what Mr Yahtzee thinks). I rarely have issues with the controls, and when I do, its not usually the remotes fault. Its the fricking idiot who coded the game. So, why is it the Wii and DS do so well for Nintendo?

Ive probably broken several privacy laws with this picture.

I've probably broken several privacy laws with this picture.

It probably has something to do with the fact its both a party machine (It can take more than 2 controllers without having to buy an adapter) and most games for it are designed with getting people who wouldn’t normally play games into this great hobby of ours. Think on it. You’ve seen the terrible adverts haven’t you? The ones where the parents are talking about how they suddenly got into gaming on their DS? The scary thing is that they are probably true stories. Seriously. My Mum loves the Wii to pieces. Its great fun for her, and its fun for us as well. Especially when I win. So, before you bash the Nintendo offerings at the moment, think on this: They weren’t designed for you.

Just my £9.50 on the subject.

[1]Its not suprising really. The consoles were designed to be games machines, but they only had to run games, and stay at the same specifactions for 3-4 years until the next model comes out. The ‘mighty’ PC on the other hand has to run memory intensive Operating Systems, run several applications in parrallel and all other sorts of things. Plus, the components inside our machines are changing every 3 weeks, not 3 years, and we can upgrade whenever finances allow. I also then mention a certain post which is here. Get back to reading
[2]Its not particularly fair to compare the DS to those consoles I know. Pretend I said PSP then. The point I was about to make still stands. Get back to reading
[3]As a quick aside, I know of very few people that have a set of driving accessories for their machine. I personnally dislike how expensive they can be, and I also fail at driving. I can’t think of any people who have a joystick. Again, similar dispositions are there for me. I can’t fly a plane, nor can I afford to buy one. The only accessory that I own that I can think of is a light gun. And thats one hell of a niche. But so good! Get back to reading
[4]Need to cut someone open via surgery? WIIMOTE TO THE RESCUE! Someone just chucked a grenade at you? WIIMOTE TO THE RESCUE! You get the picture. I’m not being overly sarcastic here, I’m just noting some idea. I could’ve made a sexual based comment. Oh gods, that’d be a horrible Wii Game.Dear God, get back to reading

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