I’ve been mulling about what else to write about this week. It’s a difficult task. The other column (The How To Play ones) is usually very simple. I say simple, I tend to think about it an awful lot. Any observations that I make aren’t so nearly decided or planned. However, thanks to Activision, this problem has now been solved. I should also thank Radical as well. They actually made this game.

These past few weeks I’ve been playing Prototype. For those who don’t know what Prototype is, it’s essentially a big copy of New York with the nice added twist of a virus going around the whole city causing genetic mutations and lots and lots of death. You play Alex Mercer, a conveniently amnesic chav who just happens to have the ability to run at super speed, have super strength and some other stuff. Like, for example, the ability to beat a man to a bloody mess and absorb him, along with his clothes (I never really understood that) and his memories. He also has this one other major thing. Whats that? Oh I remember. BIG AWESOME CLAWS!

I wouldnt argue with him. Nor would I attempt to shoot him

I wouldn't argue with him. Nor would I attempt to shoot him. Why in Gods name do the military try?

Now, although thats an official image (I don’t have any nice screen caps of Mr Mercer in action), you do get those awesome claws, and they are vicious. One of my fun little games is to play ‘Take out the Military Base’. Sneak inside a base, consume stealthily any people who have the skills you need, and then start a fight. If you use those claws, you can take everybody out, and you won’t even need to blink. Prototype does all the hard work of making you look awesome. Just click while pressing shift to take down the first guy at a run, causing you to bounce off him. Then, while in the air, hold down the left mouse button, so you slam into the ground and take out another 4. Then just find the last survivor and click. The claws do the rest.

This isnt just a boss fight. This is a typical scene if you get pissed off and want to kill things

This isn't just a boss fight. This is a typical scene if you get pissed off and want to kill things

I personally prefer the whipfist, mainly because I can take down helicopters with relative ease, without the annoyance of having to hijack a tank with the realistic task of hammering your mouse until the RSI cows come home. No, the whipfist means I can take out those helicopters, grab an enemy from miles away for consumption if I need heath, perform a quick area effect attacks that slices any living thing but mutants in half and all other kinds of snazzy death causing methods. I think during the whole course of my current playing, I’ve died 3 times. And I’ve been playing for over 20 hours now. I usually die much more often. Except its damn near impossible to die thanks to that consumption and the amount of bodies that then brings to you [1]

Ah, thanks for sorting that out. Had a really bad back there as well...

'Ah, thanks for sorting that out. Had a really bad back there as well...'

Prototype is a vicious game. I really am shocked that it got past the BBFC. My only reasoning that it did is because the act of consuming obviously just shows how much jam people carry around their person these days. I mean look at that screenshot. Jesus Christ, this game is just violent beyond belief. But I don’t care. It’s a game where I look awesome, and it keeps me occupied without any boredom creeping in. I doubt I’m ever going to get bored of this game. Playing ‘Take out the Military Base’ will never get dull for me, and the few times I’ve thought ‘Come on, time to stop’, I’ve just grabbed a soldier, flung him into another, and waited for the big guns to come. Play this game.

[1] I’m constantly amazed by the stupidity of the military in this game. A typical fight would be: ‘He just consumed Toby! Get him!’ (death) ‘Reinforcements!’ (More death, followed by me disappearing) ‘Find him!’ Would you spend money and more lives going after someone who just took on a whole military battalion without blinking? (Return)

  1. February 9th, 2010
  2. August 20th, 2010

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